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Who We Are

The Discovereum was founded as the first museum with a strong focus on free choice learning and learning through play.

Our History

The Discovereum is the brainchild of Drs J.N. Maraire and A.N. Chiura who upon relocating back to their homeland Zimbabwe recognised a gap in children’s learning resources in areas such as science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). They sought to establish a learning centre for children and young adults as well as a sanctuary for families to learn collaboratively and interactively with each other. And so, the Discovereum was founded as the first museum with a strong focus on free choice learning and learning through play.

Our Vision

A hub for the intellectual life of the nation.

Our Mission

Create a fun-filled environment of creativity, learning, and discovery through interactive exhibits for young children, teenagers and families.

What We Do

The Discovereum is a learning centre that provides a safe space for children, teenagers and families to engage in interactive learning about a diverse range of topics vital to the development of well rounded individuals.

The permanent exhibits include: Zimbabwe Heritage, Ancient Egypt, Grocery Store, Life Sciences (human & animal anatomy), Transport / Maritime & Energy (planes, trains, automobiles, and boats), Dinosaur Cave, Science Laboratory (chemistry, physics, biology), Arts and Crafts, Auditorium, Technology Centre, outdoor stage and games, library as well as an environmental science and conservation site (air, wind, water and soil).

Our Goals

  • Make science learning fun for the young and the young at heart
  • Supplement academic education with hands on learning, exploration and discovery
  • Complement and reinforce academic syllabi
  • Increase exposure to and participation in science learning for rural and urban schools with limited resources
  • A hub of innovation
  • Showcase and develop local talent
  • A link for youth to connect to other regional and international cultural and science organisations
  • Fellowship programs for interns and young graduates
  • Create regular performing, literary, and visual arts programmes that stimulate the imagination and entertainment

Explore Our Exhibits

Ancient Egypt

Human Anatomy

Transport and maritime

What People Say

Discovereum Birthday Party

We hosted Daniel Marandure's 9th birthday and had the party at the Discovereum. The boys had so much fun doing experiments, treasure hunting, wrapping the mummy and doing arts and crafts, amazing! We are happy that he got to spend it with his friends, having fun while learning.

Fundraising Dinner

The event we held on the 12th of February 2017 was focused mainly on creating an awareness of the facility being setup here in Msasa for the local community. The different aspects being taught at each station were practical and depicting real past events, cultures and fun science experiments. Activities included Heart Surgery Station (role play), pencil and paint art, poetry writing, interactive heart activities and puzzles, scientific experiments and exploring Ancient Egypt.


During Hifa, The Discovereum shared some fun activities which a kids were free to join. We took this opportunity to teach kids about Zimbabwean history, culture and plants. Our main mission of educating and empowering was realised on this day. Though it still goes on

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