Events and Festivals

Have you been searching for a fun and exciting venue to host your next event and impress your guests? The Discovereum has unique space and activities on its premises which are perfect for hosting various unique events. We have an entire planning team on hand to assist you with the planning and execution of your birthday parties, launches, graduation parties, teambuilding and corporate events and family fun days.

The facility is available weekends only (Saturdays and Sundays) for parties, and reservations will be made on a first come first served basis backed by payment terms requiring a deposit to secure a date. In the event that chosen dates are unavailable, alternative date to choose from will be suggested.

Contact us to learn more about our facilities, activities available and meeting rooms at your disposal, or fill in the form below to make a reservation for your next event. Note all activities are offered in English.

Birthday Parties

At Discovereum Children's Museum we facilitate and host STEAM inspired birthdays for children of all ages. To inquire or make a reservation, fill in the form and submit at least 2 weeks before the desired date.

Corporate Functions

We have unique space on the Mezzanine Floor specially reserved for board meetings with free coffee and Wi-Fi. Our space is also designed to accommodate all kinds of corporate and team building events. We have a hands-on team available to help you with the organizing, planning and execution of these events as well as product launches.

Collection Shows

Are you unveiling a new collection of your product or clothing line and need a unique and different venue? Then look no further, get in touch with us today and let us help you transform your event into a spectacular and unforgettable launch.

After Dark (Teens)

The Discovereum is the Lit place to hang out with some mates. Everyday is an adventure, and so from Harry Porter screenings, to gaming weekends, to book reading sessions under the tree, we have it all. Our continuous green wall allows you to create images and videos that will leave all your instagram and snapchat followers in awe – you can literally be anywhere you want to be in the world right here at the Discovereum. If you prefer just kicking back and reading a book in our library, or getting down and dirty in the conservation site finding inventive ways to preserve the planet and solve societal problems, the Discovereum is oyster. Watch the space for any upcoming events that might tickle your fancy. And if you are up to it, drop us line for some holiday volunteering in a field that interests you or put your name in a hat and we will be calling you for our Teen Council so you can help us make the Discovereum even cooler.

After Dark (Adults)

Date nights don’t need to just exist in the movies. At the Discovereum, we understand that very much, and this is why once a month we create events for the couples and yup, the singles too. If you are looking for something different to do, you are at the right place (honestly, there aren’t enough of those in this town). Where else can you go for a DIY gift making party that involves poetry writing, sketching workshop, cocktail mixology, with a DJ mash-up of some old school, new school sounds. Every month, there is different event to help you ease off the tension of work and kids. A great place to come and meet some new people, whether you are new to town or a seasoned resident. Our crowd is a mash-up of young professionals, middle-aged parents, and diplomats. Either way, there is something for everyone because we are place of discovery. And if that’s not enough, we have some really amazing partnerships with restaurants and bars around town, where you can get up to 30% discounts on your meals and drinks and throw in some free dessert in there.


We love to celebrate the diversity in Harare, the different cultures and practices represented in this town are amazing. Every once in a while we host themed festivals that represent the population in the country, including the diplomatic community. Some of the festivals coming up include dance, art, music, crafts and food. Our festivals represent simultaneously traditional and contemporary elements of the Harare demographics, and in addition to the Zimbabwean community, other communities involved include German, Indonesia, India, Brazil, the West African Bloc. Be on the lookout on the calendar for the Sweets Festival – (Turkish, Mauritian, Italian, Indian, Japanese communities in Zimbabwe); the Melt Chocolate Festival – involving the Belgian, Swiss, Mexican, Portuguese communities living in Zimbabwe. Further on will be a celebration of the Mosaic and Islamic Arts Festivals, along with the Diwali Festival – the one week it’s okay to turn up to work looking like a rock star with 50 shades of colour in your hair.

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