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Discovereum children’s museum is the first museum in Zimbabwe with a strong focus on free choice learning and learning through play. It seeks to strike a balance through showcasing exhibitions in areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and some history as well.

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Children will learn about ancient Egypt – Pharaohs, Cleopatra, Pyramids, Sphinx and making jewellery associated with Ancient Egypt as well as learn the hieroglyphics alphabet.

Discovereum Spar

The mini-grocery store teaches children about food and diets, shopping options, money through the ATM that dispenses Discovereum money.

Environment & Conservation

An outdoor area dedicated to raising awareness of the effects of climate change, ways to to conserve our natural resources, organic farming ways as well as the ecosystem.

Life Sciences

Children learn basic human and animal anatomy, and aspects of human health through human body learning puzzles, toy doctor’s kits, play microscopes and realistic anatomy / DNA models. In addition, children can demonstrate what they have learned through play-dough moulding of different human body parts.

For older age groups, structure-function studies of different body parts can also be covered using visuals. This exhibit teaches children about the human body and cells. It will incorporate rotating exhibits such radiation e.g. x-ray images of healthy lungs and cancerous lungs et cetera. The idea is to teach children effects of lack of exercise and unhealthy nutrition.

Technology Centre

An area reserved for exposure to animation, coding, design and other information technology programmes. Museum visitors can explore the history of the phone, of the computer, and what the future might hold in the technology world.

The continuous green screen allows visitors to pretend to be anywhere in the world and record themselves in different costumes role playing.

Transport/Maritime & Energy

Teach children about transportation e.g. the history of cars, trains and their place in history. Trace the progression to clean energy and the future of modes of transportation. A rocking, hydraulic boat, Mahindra car engine, fuel station, steam train, hanging aeroplane are some of the things to look out for.

Children will gain an appreciation of the improvements made over the years and can envision the future through computer games or creating what they think lies ahead. Bicycle energy is used to demonstrate what kinetic energy is, and to explain some energy conversion and that "Energy is never lost but is just converted from one form to another".

Dinosphere / Dinosaur Cave

There is an entire area reserved for Dinosaurs, showcasing a life-size Dino, fossil dig in the sand pit, a timeline chronicling all the dinosaurs that ever lived, including those dinosaurs discovered to have inhabited Zimbabwe along the Zambezi Valley in the Chewore Area. There are shelves to store shoes etcetera before children jump into the sand pit for the fossil dig. Helmets, shovels and goggles are always ready for our young archaeologists.

Science Laboratory

This is a space designed with experiential learning in mind. Actual experiments will be conducted in the labs in line with the school curriculum. A bubble room is right next door, where you can make your own bubble, watch it cover your body and either poke it or just wait to see it pop. Children learn the physics of bubbles, why they form, their smell, and they get to compare with any other smell from home! It’s a whole lot of fun to also chase your own bubble.

Auditorium & Arts Centre

Screenings, puppet shows, story time, drawing workshops, visual and performing arts take place in the auditorium. It is a colourful, creative space where children and their families have the opportunity to express themselves. From making jewellery, to designing costumes, to learning dance techniques or poetry writing and then volunteering to become part of play.

Rotating Exhibits

The centre of the exhibit hall houses rotating, non-permanent exhibits that are changed regularly, often to fit the theme for the month. Currently, optical illusion is the centrepiece. Upcoming exhibits are science models developed by young scientists who showcased their work at the recently held Science Buskers Fair at the Australian Embassy in Harare.

Concert Stage

A stage setting conducive for summer concerts, live performances and educational screening shows using a projector. It is a multi-purpose space that may be hired out to organisations and individuals requiring an outside space.

Zimbabwe Heritage

Section dedicated to showcasing pre-colonial, colonial, independence and post-independence Zimbabwe culture, history and heritage. This place takes visitors through the journey Zimbabwe has taken up to contemporary times, and highlights artefacts as well as traditional materials used to hunt, cook and make a home.

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