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The Discovereum is a registered charity, and relies on individual philanthropists as well as corporates to maintain inventive programming and great exhibits that aid in the learning process for children. Your gifts to the Discovereum contribute to building the intellectual life of the nation.

Sponsor a School

There are many schools that do not have a science lab, or an opportunity to ever visit a museum. Perhaps this could be a school you attended yourself? Give-a-gift to a group of students by paying for their bus fare to reach the Discovereum, or spend a morning conducting science experiments as they prepare for their finals.


“Those who can do, and those who do more, volunteer” are famous words that need no explanation. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the help of school leavers, trained professionals and other members of society who give their time to ensure we enhance the learning process of our children. We want to hear from you!

Give a Gift of Membership

Are you out of ideas for that birthday gift this year? No problem! There can never be a more creative, out-of-the-box gift like a Discovereum membership for your loved one. And you can do all of this, without moving an inch. All you have to do is fill out the form with the person’s details and make an online payment, then send us proof of payment with a reference number, and your person will receive a Discovereum card in the mail within 2 weeks. Alternatively, you can collect a gift box at the Discovereum, wrapped with ribbons and everything.

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