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Learning Resources

We developed and continue to develop learning resources in order to assist parents, afterschool educators, day care providers, classroom teachers, and other caregivers in providing the best opportunity for children to discover and develop through engagement and fun. We have quite a variety of resources that adults in children’s lives may use in order to participate in the learning process. Families and educators are the cornerstone of continuous discovery.

Brain Building in Progress – (Kindergarten Readiness Programme)
A one-month programme that runs three times a year designed by the Discovereum Education Council to offer early literacy programming, resources for STEAM activities, all with a focus on closing the gap for high needs children and ensuring all children enter kindergarten ready to excel. Zimbabwe has committed to early learning as a national priority and the Discovereum wants to be at the centre of this process. Examples of the programmes include:

  • STEAM Guide & parents tips
  • Kindergarten pop-up classroom kit
  • Literacy
  • Passport to Kindergarten

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