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Outreach Programmes

The Discovereum is a very community oriented museum, and as such, we appreciate that not all schools or families have the capacity to come out to visit the centre for one reason or another. As the saying goes – if you cannot bring Mohamed to the mountain, you take the mountain to Mohamed. So the Discovereum is focused on becoming a travelling museum in a van and will also loan out various learning kits to educators/schools. The Outreach Programme will provide access to the Discovereum to people who are far and wide.

Primary School Students Incursion – Kwatakabva

Kwatakabva is a very hands-on, enquiry-based history programme that encourages teamwork by dividing students into working groups. The students will handle reproductions from the Discovereum such as letters, telegrams, photo albums, diaries, journals, cassette tapes, tapestries, SMS Text messages containing information of how each of the major cities in Zimbabwe came to be.

The students will discover a range of disciplines, from migration stories, Chimurenga, historical buildings, all through investigating objects, and role-playing. The students will learn how people have lived through migration, war times as well as the transition to contemporary Zimbabwe. Part of the learning process is discovering and uncovering changes in communication technology, the process of human communication as well as establishing peace and reconciliation.

Kindergarten Discovery Presentations

The Discovereum Outreach Programme is a true mobile service (and unlike cell phone providers – sometimes available) providing access to the museum exhibits to kindergarten groups that find it difficult to visit the centre.

The curriculum is developed by a Council of experts in early childhood development, and also delivered by presenters skilled in early learning. These sessions include specimens, objects, replicas, and photographs, all of which can be handled by the children in the 45-minute session.
Kindergartens have several topics to choose from, including:

Zimbabwe History and Heritage

Learn about pre-colonial, colonial and post-independence Zimbabwe. Children learn about great civilizations such as Mapungubwe, Great Zimbabwe Ziwa and Khami Ruins. The session incorporates history and culture and compresses the journey the country has taken over several hundred years in a fun way, all the way to contemporary Zimbabwe. Fun activities involving food, artefacts and role playing is incorporated to enhance the learning experience.

Animals of the World

Learn about unique wildlife through mounted specimen. The programme teaches children about the lives and habits of mammals, birds and reptiles from around the world. The session shares fascinating facts about the animals, aimed at developing better insight of how special they are, and children learn having fun through games.

Wonders of the Oceans / Water

This programme is designed to take the little ones on a journey of discovery through learning about the things that live on the beaches, lakesides, riverbeds, and dam walls. Through games, and by touching real objects from the Discovereum, children will learn about shells, sharks, crocodiles, including ancient marine animals that lived millions of years ago.

Dinosaurs and Fossils

We go back in time, and reflect on these ancient animals, with the aid of fossils, dinosaur bones, replicas and photographs. These extinct giants have always intrigued adults and children alike. The Dinosaur and Fossils programme will introduce to children how humans have come to understand these ancient animals. It is more so important in Zimbabwe, where footprints have been discovered in the Chewore Safari Area.

Children will be able to touch and make dinosaur fossils as well as talkto our presenters about prehistoric creatures such as the Allosaurus, a carnivorous bipedal dinosaur whose footprints were discovered in Zimbabwe in 1990.

Backyard Bugs

Bugs do extraordinary stuff, and live bugs such as worms tag along in the mobile van to allow children to discover the fascinating world of bugs. Gardens, parks and backyards are home to some intriguing creatures that children have to discover and learn about in a fun way. Through interactive activities and bug resources from the Discovereum, the children will discover and learn about the astonishing things bugs like worms can do, their benefit to the environment, and how to identify the different kinds of bugs.

This programme will develop in children a deep interest in learning about many different types of small creatures, ecosystems as well as desire to respect the contribution of living creatures to their own lives and environment.

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