School Memberships

The Discovereum is a place of learning through play. A place to discover new interests, and further develop existing ones. A place to extend learning beyond the classroom! Each educational tour of the Discovereum is two hours long, and involves a self-guided tour of the exhibits.


This includes:

  • Unlimited Discovereum visits for the entire school year for a really low price (excluding school breaks, holidays and special ticketed events). .
  • 50% discount for a professional development workshop for each teacher
  • Early registration for holiday programmes (exclusive before they open to the general public)
  • Option to purchase the Chaperon Membership.
  • Automatic entry for all students at your school in the Young Innovators Club. (A competition to invent something that solves societal challenges)

These are schools that will sign-up for membership prior to the official opening of the Discovereum i.e. before May 2017. The membership will include all of the general membership benefits plus:

  • Invitation for one representative from your school to serve on the Education Council
  • 30% discount on the annual membership subscription
  • Unlimited Chaperons for each field trip

Schools and kindergartens can exercise the pay-per-visit option for educational tours of the Discovereum for individual classes.

Our pedagogy department has developed unique educational programmes that visiting school classes may partake in during the visit to the Discovereum. These are 30 minute programmes designed to engage the intellect of the children around the following areas:

  • History & Heritage
  • Life Sciences & Nutrition
  • Transport / Maritime & Energy
  • Science Experiments
  • Technology and Communication
  • Arts and Craft
  • Environmental Science and Conservation

Our programmes are designed in consultation with Education Council comprised of educators from both public and private schools, and are quite comprehensive in their detail and very effective in aiding the learning process of children. Educators can bring their classes to complement what they teach in a classroom setting, and break the barriers that such a setting might have on the learning process. The Discovereum is joy for most educators and students alike because nothing is behind a glass, and students may touch and feel artefacts and interact with exhibits in a multi-sensory, multi-media environment.

Make Zimbabwe’s biggest children’s museum part of your school year. Create extraordinary learning experiences for students and teachers alike! Partner with us, and together, let’s take learning to the next level – get in touch:

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