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Field Trips and Itineraries

Hours: Field trips are scheduled to start at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm respectively from Tuesday to Friday. They are expected to last a maximum of 2 hours per visit. We have a lovely cafeteria and outdoor area that is very conducive to eat lunch or snacks. Groups have the option to either bring their own food, pre-order with the museum or purchase snacks from our cafeteria on the day. No food is allowed inside the museum and chaperons should assist museum staff with the children and they too should be aware that they have to finish their tea or coffee prior to the beginning of the field trip.

Accepted forms of payment include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), MasterCard, Visa or ZimSwitch. Please note that payments are due no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled field trip. In order to qualify for group admission discounts, your group must have 35 children or more. Regrettably, once payment has been made, we cannot make any refunds for whatever reason. To reserve a date, please fill out the reservation form. Should you wish to increase the number of children, we will try by all means to accommodate your group to the best of our abilities based on the Discovereum capacity limits. In order to change the date and time of your reservation, please contact 04 446 900 for availability. Please note, the reservation may only be transferred within one year of the original booking date.

Chaperons and group leaders are encouraged to visit the museum once payment has been made in order to set learning objectives based upon exhibits. The visit will also allow you to prepare an end-of-visit meeting point as well as instruct students where to go should they get lost (although our museum staff are always on the lookout). If you would like to discuss any special needs your group has, please contact Mildred on 04 446 900.


The Discovereum provides exhibits, and programmes that are accessible to all visitors. Our staff continuously strives to ensure accessibility and inclusion of all visitors and are always happy to answer any questions or provide assistance.

We reserve some mornings during the week as well as select weekends of the month to children with special or medical needs. These mornings have a limit of 50 guests (children and their families) who can explore the space without worrying about large crowds. Please check our calendar for these select dates. NB: pre-registration is required prior to visiting, and for more information, please contact 04 446 900.

The exhibition hall is normally quiet during the school weekdays, and the libraries as well as other outdoor areas are generally quiet regardless of the day nor time.

Only service animals are permitted at the Discovereum, and free entrance for all registered caregivers.


Visit Tips

Top tips to maximize your time and save:

  • Last hour discounts – admission is half price everyday
  • School weekday mornings are the best times to explore if you are not into crowds
  • School field trips typically take place between 10am and 4pm
  • Membership allows crazy savings on admission
  • You can bring your stroller, it is easy to navigate inside
  • Bring along a change of clothes for the dinosaur dig
  • Food and drink are limited to the cafeteria, so eat up and go inside with a full tummy
  • We are not a kindergarten, so adults are not allowed to drop off children and leave the museum. Best learning occurs with adults interacting with the children
  • Discounts are available, you just have to ask


You are here to have a good time! The Discovereum is a fun, hussle-free place, so take advantage of us...


This is the place to refuel, whether you came with an empty tank or the gas ran out during your visit. Indulge in delicious, nutrition rich, healthy food and drink options. Local foods such as the bush breakfast, baobab juice, seasonal vegetables, handcrafted sandwiches, healthy sweet treats. We don't leave anyone behind, and so there is plenty for our friends with allergies, sensitivities and other special dietary requirements.


Our friendly staff will greet you as you enter the museum. We absolutely love meeting our visitors and responding to any and all questions.

  • Coat check
  • Self-service lockers
  • Stroller rental
  • Steward bank ATM (ZimSwitch)

Concierge: We love to help and always ready to assist, no matter the ask:

  • We will provide you with City information and other travel details
  • Lost and found
  • The concierge will even provide emergency diapers for the little ones


A gift shop for all the things and artefacts you would have seen and other interesting little things you would never have seen anywhere but the Discovereum.

Free Parking

Safe and secure parking is available on-site. You don't ever have to worry about getting blocked in because we have gone to all lengths to design a working system for all visitors to drive in and out as and when they want to do so with no hassles.


Our friends from ZOL Fibronics have provided Internet access for both inside the museum and outside for all to enjoy, all for FREE!

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