The Discovereum is a dynamic, interactive space where children can use their gifts of curiosity and play to expand their imagination, explore the nature of the world around them and investigate everything from chemistry to culture. The Discovereum is an exhibit based, multi-sensory, multi-media children’s museum promoting self-directed learning for families, students, teachers and schools. Developing skills of critical thinking and problem solving so essential for their future. 

Our founders Drs J.N. Maraire and A.N. Chiura dreamed of creating institutions and collaborative spaces to improve the lives of urban families and children. A children’s museum, the Discovereum is an interactive and inclusive learning space that is the beginning of putting this vision into action. 

Our goal is to create an interactive space that sparks creativity and intellectual development in young minds across the world. We want to nurture curiosity, and encourage creativity in a stimulating environment that is fun and enriching for the whole family, and ultimately delivering a hub of creation, expansion, and hands-on learning to enrich the lives of our children

We are a family museum, and registered non-profit organisation, providing a multi-sensory, multi-media, interactive space for schools and families. Exhibits focused on Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Innovation are designed for children to interact with, and are coupled with activities appropriate for ages 2-18 years.


Simon Sinek writes that “there are two ways to build a career or a business. We can go through life hunting and pecking, looking for opportunities or customers, hoping that something connects. Or we can go through life with intention, knowing what our piece looks like, knowing our WHY, and going straight to the places we fit.” We have found our WHY.

This space offers interactive activities that teach children to thrive in the 21st century, as well as inspire their parents to catch up with them, and to be active participants in their learning, exploring, and growth. Providing a space for inter-generational interaction, the Discovereum ignites in us all the desire to become lifelong learners, who can continually evolve our skills to identify and solve problems with collaboration and empathy.


  • Make STEAMI (Science, Technology, Environment, Arts, Mathematics and Innovation) learning fun for the young and the young at heart

  • Increase exposure to and participation in science learning for rural and urban schools with limited resources
  • Be a link for youth to connect to other regional and international cultural and science organisations.
  • Provide fellowship programs for interns and young graduates.
  • Creating vibrant environment for intercultural and inter-generational interaction

  • Supplement academic education with hands on learning, exploration, and discovery.

  • Complement and reinforce academic syllabi and stimulate critical thinking

  • Showcase and develop local talent.

  • Create regular performing, literature and visual art programs that stimulate the imagination and entertain throughout the year

  • Be a hub of innovation for kids so they can be motivated to be creative and expand their imagination.



After closing our first facility in favor of a more easily accessible location, The Discovereum has found a permanent home in Belgravia. Help us bring back this popular destination for children and families. All funds raised will go towards finishing the purpose build facility, designing, and constructing exciting interactive exhibits and supporting the creation of a dynamic, cutting-edge internship and youth mentoring program. Further to that, we are looking to strengthen our networks to create synergies through internships, research programs and creative collaborations. Click here to support.

Discovereum is created by the INZI Foundation. INZI (or Inspired Zimbabwe) is a foundation created to build the Zimbabwe we all want to live in. Through innovative, creative projects that celebrate our diversity, we aim to bring hope, and create stronger, more vibrant communities.